Dispute Summary
Skywalk developer David Jin and the Hualapai Tribe have been locked in a dispute since 2010 over four main areas: proper distribution of Skywalk management fees and accounting for ticket sales, completion of the visitor’s center, the Tribe’s exercise of eminent domain and proper court jurisdiction of this legal dispute. Read More
Unrefuted Facts
“I believe that the entire effort in the eminent domain ordinance is to take away something from GCSD in a way that it has no recourse or way of challenging the actions that are taken against them, and I believe this will result in giving the Hualapai Tribe a terrible reputation that will injure the Tribe for years to come.” Read More
About the Developer
Las Vegas businessman David Jin was the developer of the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Jin passed away in June 13, 2013 following a courageous battle with cancer. His wife Yvonne Tang, now oversees Grand Canyon Skywalk Development and the Jins’ other tourism companies Oriental Tours, Inc. and Y-Travel. Read More

What’s on This Site

This website is dedicated to an accounting of accurate facts regarding the dispute between Grand Canyon Skywalk Development (GCSD) and the Hualapai Tribe. Wherever possible, sworn testimony and court documents are posted to provide verifiable information.

This site has been established by the Grand Canyon Skywalk Development, which entered into an agreement with the Hualapai Tribe to construct the Skywalk and surrounding facilities. While the Skywalk is complete and actively serving visitors, GCSD and the Tribe are in a dispute over fees, the management of the Skywalk and completion of the surrounding facilities.

While these issues are being heard in the Tribal and U.S. federal court systems, the developer wishes to keep the facts straight to avoid misinformation among tribal members, tourists, community leaders and the general public.